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Kiersten has upheld a very strong role in the beauty industry for the past 17 years. She has stayed focused on her career by immersing herself into as much education as possible so that she can provide the utmost service to each individual she serves. The drive within her and desire for something more is what led her to opening up her own studio. Solely, she operated alone for a little shy of a year before expanding, hiring Kristie, and becoming Shade & Comb. Building a team was scary, yet invigorating for Kiersten. But being able to join forces with someone she trusts, who she’d trained, and who happens to be the one who does her hair, had made it so worth while. Kristie worked with Kiersten for 3 years before branching off on her own, and opening her own salon. Those chain of events led Kiersten to opening an intimate studio right in the comfort of her own home. 
Kiersten’s journey to this point in her career has been an exciting one. Becoming a Redken artist in 2011 changed her mentally and artistically and has allowed her to travel and teach all over the country. She was previously rated one of the top 30 under 30 up-and-coming colorists in The Colorist magazine. Behind the chair she is certified in Hand Tied hair extensions, Aqua tape in extensions while also specializing in Blonding services. However she excels in all things color             
Kiersten has immersed herself in becoming personally grounded by attending multiple classes each year.
She does this to be sure that she stays on top of all things new & upcoming, so she can in turn deliver to each guest that sits in her chair.
Because of her cache of knowledge, Kiersten is able to customize her approach to each guest that she works with. She is very upfront, honest, and genuine with relaying expectations and goals during each visit.
When you visit Shade & Comb, you will see hard work and dedication to her craft, and to her business. If you've been on the fence about trying something new, Kiersten is your girl. Don't wait a second longer, and book your next appointment with her.

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